Monday, 25 April 2016

GSOC proposal accepted :)

So beings my exciting adventure with the Google Summer of Code. When I submitted my proposal, I did not expect to be accepted and am relishing in delight that I have been. I can’t wait to start coding and shall be updating Condiments or Code? every two weeks. 

This project will be berry beneficial for me to learn how to code for a larger project than I am used to and I hope that the outcome of this adventure will be something that is useful for the astropy community. I will be working on bringing Sherpa's models, fitting routines and statistics to astropy.modeling and also allowing Sherpa's models to be used as astropy models. This will give the community many more models, optimisers and fit statistics to use and I am excited to be able to do this. 

Ketchup with you next thyme!

P.S Sorry for the puns, It's a spelling mistake that got out of control.

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